Culinary skills a gender based Art?

More than on record most persons especially the male gender in most developing countries have relinquished culinary arts to be a woman’s full time job. Though that has changed over the years due to civilization and education. Yet, a good number of men in this modern world still feel that culinary arts is solely a female’s responsibility.

To this set of persons, a man cooking meals is a sign of being a weakling and most probably lacks self esteem or at the height is controlled by his wife or wives as the case maybe instead of him wheeling his home, dominating and taking charge. It will amaze you what theories are created on those minute premises as “cooking” and how much damage this has caused homes and blissful marriages. 

Culinary skills “A Must Have”: This is everyone’s business and should be treated as such. Culinary skills is a plus to whatever skill already bagged by anyone as you never can tell when it may come in handy. Moreover culinary skills are good physically light exercises good for both psychology and mental health and fitness. Most chefs are healthy and happy people. 

So, Cook something today, try again tomorrow, and make it a habit.. There’s profound joy in those little things. 

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