“My breathing was slow, my bones weak” – Laura Ikeji narrates an ordeal with generator fumes and how she almost died

Businesswoman and influencer Laura Ikeji have shared an ordeal of how she almost lost her life as a result of generator fumes.

Here’s what she wrote;

She wrote:

Let me tell y’all a lil story and how dangerous this generator fume is. So years ago I went to visit my friend at her place in Oniru, decided to pass the night. Power went off at 12midnight or so and she went to put the gen on. And we slept off, I woke up about 1 or 1:30 am….

I opened my eyes but I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even raise a finger, we both had inhaled the fume for long, I could barely see anything cos the house was covered in smoke.

And I started praying in my heart, the blood of Jesus save us, save us. Suddenly I started coughing and could…

..Move my head, looked at the sitting room and saw my friend on the floor, she already passed out, how she got there I didn’t know. That was when I used all the strength in me to get up the bed, with a terrible headache, my bones were weak, I slowly walked to the door and opened..

..Managed to put off the generator that was just in front of the door and started throwing up. Went back into the house that was very dark and started kicking things until I felt my friend’s leg and I started pulling her out of the house still throwing up. We eventually came out

My breathing was slow, my bones were weak, couldn’t talk or explain to the few neighbors who came to where we laid, just in front of the house on the ground. The neighbors started pouring water on us, and some in typical Naija fashion were praying. All of a sudden my friend..

.. started breathing and throwing up too. Long story short, we survived and left the house that morning. If we had stayed in the house for longer hmmm God forbid. So when I hear a family of 5, 6, etc died from a generator fume, I know what could have happened.

Pls move ur generator far far away from the house u sleep. These generators re dangerous.”

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