Prince George will never be crowned King – Novelist Hilary Mantel predicts

British writer, Hilary Mantel has said that Prince George will never be crowned King as there are only two generations left in the British monarchy. 

Mantel who is best known for her Wolf Hall trilogy that traced the rise of blacksmith’s son Thomas Cromwell to Henry VIII’s chief minister and then his downfall and execution, made the prediction in an interview with The Times. 

Admitting that she admires the devotion of the Queen and Prince Charles to the institution, she however stated that she doesn’t think it will last.

The novelist said; 

 ‘It’s very hard to understand the thinking behind the monarchy in the modern world when people are just seen as celebrities.’

She also said that Her Majesty and the Prince of Wales do the job ‘as well as anyone possibly could’ and ‘take it as seriously as anyone could’.

When asked how long the monarchy had left, she said that her ‘back of the envelope’ calculation was just two generations.

Her prediction meant that while Charles and Prince William would ascend to the throne, eight-year-old Prince George, who is third in line, would not become King.  

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace declined comment on the prediction. 

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