Rich man rewrites will, allegedly leaves N112.9B naira for hotel worker

The life of a hotel worker, Taskin Dasdan, changed for good after he realized a rich man who was a hotel guest left him some fortune in his will.

Taskin who is a bellboy, had met the rich guest Charles Gorge Courtney at the hotel where he works and they gradually became close.

Charles always stays every year at the Korumar Hotel De Luxe whenever he visits the country, and that was how the two met themselves, Daily Mail reports.

However, when the British hotel guest died this year, his family was surprised that a major part of his fortune was willed to the Turkish hotel worker, Taskin Dasdan.

Taskin told the Turiz Majansi: “He treated us as if we were part of his own family. He even contributed to the education of my children…Of course, we were emotional.”

Though the amount he left for the Turkish hotel worker wasn’t revealed, it was gathered that the fortune is big enough to take care of all Taskin’s needs without him having to work again in his life.

Another report, however, pegged the sum at £200,000 (N112,911,260 billion naira).

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