Why are ‘nah he tweakin’ comments being posted all over Instagram?

A screenshot of an Instagram post that has Tony Hawk pictured

Lil Nas X is believed to have started the trend with his comment about Tony Hawk’s (pictured) skateboards.(


If you’ve been on Instagram lately you’ve probably seen numerous comments saying “Nah he tweakin” on posts from accounts with a lot of followers.

Strange right? This is what it’s all about. 

First of all, where are all these comments?

Just look at any celebrity or company’s official Instagram account and you will see them. 

It’s thought most of the comments are being posted by bots and not real people.

But Instagram users are jumping on the viral trend. 

And it appears not even Instagram knew what the trend was about when the company put out a statement describing a glitch in which most comments were not appearing on posts and “nah he tweakin” comments were being seen instead.  

Yeah we tweakin, but only a little bit. We’re aware that some people are having issues loading their comments (we’re fixing that) and that some are seeing a bunch of comments saying “nah he tweakin” (what is that?). More soon! pic.twitter.com/eek6t2qE40— Instagram Comms (@InstagramComms) August 26, 2021

OK but what does ‘tweakin’ mean?

For the uninitiated, the phrase “nah he tweakin” might not make a lot of sense.

The word “tweakin” is frequently used in hip hop culture and rap to refer to someone who’s high on stimulants.

It’s also been used to describe someone acting in an irrational way and, while we may never know, that’s probably the way way in which Lil Nas X was using it.

The same effect would have been achieved by saying “he’s high”, “he’s crazy” or something similar.

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